Profile EditorDISCUS Administration Instructions

The profile editor allows moderators to specify their e-mail address, full name, e-mail notification preference, and password. The superuser has the right to disallow any moderator from editing his or her profile using the profile editor.

To access the profile editor, click on "Profile Manager" from the administration program main menu.

PRO Some features in this section are available in the professional version of this discussion board software only. Those items are indicated with a notation as shown here.

Editing your profile

To change your e-mail address or full name, enter the new setting into the appropriate text entry box in the "Profile Editor" table. To change your e-mail notification setting, check (or uncheck) the appropriate check boxes in the "E-mail Notification" row. ("My own posts" sends you a copy of any messages you post, and "Others' posts within my groups" sends you a copy of any messages (except your own) posted to any topic for which you are a moderator.) To save your changes, click on "Save Changes."

Changing your password

To change your password, enter your new password in the "Enter New Password" text entry box and retype the new password in the "Retype New Password" text entry box. Then click on "Save Changed Password." The program will instruct you to log in again when your password has been successfully changed.

PRO Other options

In the professional version, there are other options available in profiles such as selecting additional e-mail notification options, establishing personal information, uploading a picture, and setting preferences for the board. These options are explained on the interface itself and are identical to those options set through the "Edit Profile" link from the main menu of the user interface.

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