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- ACiDic, a division of ACiD productions, was formed October 30th 1994 to design/create/program custom bbs modifications & utilities. Specializing in Oblivion2, PCBoard, & Renegade bbs software. All mods are guaranteed to be documented, tested and backdoor free.

- Acidic is a wholy-owned subsidary of ACiD Productions, Inc. Acidic is the BBS Modification Division of ACiD which specializes in OBV/2, PCBoard, Renegade, and Telegard modifications. If you are interested in joining Acidic, or just want information on the group, call Alderaan,the Acidic World Headquarters, at 908.224.8780 and leave mail to Mindcrime. If you prefer, you may email Mindcrime at or find him on irc.

Breaking News!

- Acidic Productions is proud to present the unveiling of our new division, The Telegard Modding Team. Put in effect to squelch the need for quality modifications for this ever-growing and ever-popular software, we know they will make a great addition to our group. Hooch will lead this division as they strive to become the authority in Telegard modification.

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