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The C64 graphicscompo
1.6483pt. I cant play by Agemixer
2.5323pt. kuva by deetsay / panic
3.2742pt. Lost children by Brite-Lite
4.2472pt. Please Hurt Me by Statik
5.0pt. testfest by Da Root!

The C64 musiccompo
1.4345pt. Starfall by Brite-Lite
2.2557pt. Desert queen by Agemixer
3.2457pt. Jari Tyyli theme by codehead
4.1787pt. Martinology by !Cube
5.1730pt. The Theme by Flex

The C64 democompo
1.6299pt. speedway 3 by panic!
2.4073pt. J.A.Q. by Scallop
3.2162pt. woznak´s jazz experience by visac
4.1979pt. Beertime by Dekadence
5.989pt. OLD SKOOL by BioProduction

The Tiny musiccompo
1.1909pt. Parasite Blessing by Quasian
2.1138pt. Space Hybrids by Zealan
3.1031pt. Cochlea by Noa Nakai
4.996pt. groove-a-thon by goldcrest
5.930pt. tone reveal by Shake

The Graphicscompo
1.2893pt. My headphones are waterproof by Shar
2.2831pt. Nippon Steel by Beam
3.2016pt. Green Peace by Partikle
4.1451pt. Veejays by Pixel
5.894pt. Fountain of Angels by Rio

The MP3 musiccompo
1.1799pt. Credits by Purple Motion
2.1697pt. Lätkäjätkät vie mun naiset by Wode
3.1547pt. box by jugi
4.1424pt. Improvisation #9999 by SounDemoN
5.963pt. Enigmatique by Trauma Child Genesis

The Raytracecompo
1.2059pt. Hillevi Hiiri ja Amerikan serkku by orbiter
2.1666pt. DragonRun by Hoax
3.1652pt. Sodan jaloissa by marzu
4.1383pt. Kesämiehen Zydeemit by nich
5.1342pt. Mir 2 by uncle-x

The Multichannelcompo
1.2361pt. Monument by Nobody
2.1281pt. second time by Quasian
3.952pt. Route through Baghdad by gspot/bandwagon/recreation
4.881pt. jazzy high by hooligan/dcs
5.855pt. smal red grapes by xhale

The PC 4k introcompo
1.3892pt. matriisi by mooze
2.2651pt. Orinoco by Digimind
3.1104pt. Rasia by yobi
4.957pt. Radiant by Juippi/Tempo & Dazed prod.
5.875pt. Fileid.diz by the Lost Spaceman of Refinition

The Amiga 4k introcompo
1.4439pt. Gap by Extreme
2.3292pt. Pukamat by Tundrah
3.2127pt. land by sabaoth
4.1734pt. Etic by Digital

The Amiga 64k introcompo
1.3012pt. älä ota sitä vakavasti by da jormas!
2.2666pt. Push by Extreme
3.2232pt. Sparkling blue light by Spaceballs
4.2030pt. Pulsar by Scoopex
5.1709pt. Kangooroa or something by bus

The PC 64k introcompo
1.4477pt. Viagra by Mewlers
2.2801pt. Flekk by Nah-kolor
3.2600pt. 3x3 by Reality Benders
4.2243pt. Puheaika by Dazed Productions
5.0pt. N.K.S by tAAt

The Java democompo
1.4837pt. I by Yodel
2.4583pt. cyboman 2 by komplex
3.3253pt. Lain by OtakInc
4.0pt. Top Billing, Jar Jar Binks Killing by H-town
5.0pt. PikaNutru by tAAt

The Wild democompo
1.4006pt. Asminator by the mans
2.3860pt. Bongfuck MCs - Uprocking Bitch by mankeli
3.3229pt. Nosehelper by Pojat Naukkarisen
4.1989pt. Pekka ja Kontakti by Yskä & Nakki
5.954pt. DJ Valdemar feat. Pertti Olavi Pasanen by Killerloop and Ferrara of Dual Crew^Shining / phObos

The PC non-accl. democompo
1.1814pt. Gasoline by recreation
2.1727pt. Cod Liver Oil by Damones
3.1348pt. Euphoria by Pyrotech
4.1221pt. pyy by kooma & doomsday & pyy
5.901pt. Deepnes - Delphium 2 by Essex...

The Amiga democompo
1.2364pt. Beats by Loveboat
2.2187pt. Klone by Dual crew shining
3.1819pt. Megademo by Mystic
4.1358pt. Donut fetish by Yoman3

The Animationcompo
1.2252pt. Grumps by jarno
2.1962pt. Paradise by 720 and Bluecow
3.1272pt. Drugwars by Vortex
4.1225pt. Kvakzilla by fragment
5.764pt. itsenäisyyspäivä by muumiperhe

The PC democompo
1.3323pt. Virhe by Mature Furk
2.2567pt. Traumatique by Trauma
3.1837pt. do zen by komplex
4.1262pt. Käyttökuksa by tAAt
5.958pt. Evolution by Amuq Creations

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