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2001/10/04 Codecraft #3: Voting is over, results online news go!
2001/10/04 Added Kunterbunt GBA intro by exoticorn/icb file get  info
2001/09/04 Codecraft #3: Deadline is over, vote now! news go!
2001/09/04 Download all CodeCraft #3 entries file get
2001/09/04 New release: CodePressor V1.02 by Topix file get
2001/06/26 Codecraft #3: new entries announced news go!
2001/06/20 Corrected mistake in classic demos section, Demo6399 - thanks to Address Excetion for the hint ;) news go!
2001/06/20 Codecraft #3: Now final deadline: End of August (arrgh) news go!
2001/06/11 Codecraft #3: moved deadline: 2001/06/17 news go!
2001/06/08 Codecraft #3: some new 1k entries news go!
2001/05/30 Codecraft #3: 2 new entries news go!
2001/04/29 Codecraft #3: deadline moved to 2001/06/10, new 1k entry news go!
2001/02/04 Uploaded new Codecraft #3 entry from Gordon Munro news go!
2001/01/26 Uploaded 2 new Codecraft #3 entries from GUS news go!
2001/01/24 Moving Pixels go iPaq text read
2001/01/20 Coder's Cauldron, new site for 3D coding for RISC OS text read
2001/01/17 New CC#3 1k entry: SillyGame file get  info
2001/01/15 Call for graphic demos by RISC OS ltd. text read
2001/01/15 German Triple-A papermagazine for Acorn/Atari/Amiga text read
2001/01/11 Opened Codecraft #3 section news go!
2001/01/11 Codecraft #3 1k invitation intro file get  info
2001/01/07 Read Skandor/TXP's article on "demo spirit" text read
2001/01/07 Added Ominouso, BASIC fun demo by Junior/Icebird file get
2001/01/04 Codecraft #3 announcement text read  get
2001/01/04 Error in Line #2 Party, 13.-16.April 2001, Germany/Dresden text read  get
2001/01/04 Added Delirium Screensaver by Kulture file get
2000/11/25 Acorn C/C++ upgrade for future 32bit RISC OS text read
2000/11/25 Zap C64/SNES/NES disassembling mode, prerelease file get  info
2000/09/04 Zap 6502/65816 disassembler mode announced text read
2000/09/04 BigBrother V2.00, displays debugging info etc. in mouse pointer file get  info
2000/09/04 Medit V1.00, RiscPC memory editor, RISC OS 3.7 bug fixed file get  info
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Coder's Revenge Demo Awards 
1. Era/TXP[demo.RPC]
2. Zero/Nutters[demo.SA]
3. K2/DFI[demo.SA]
4. Reisnac/Icebird[demo.SA]
5. Insanity/Expression[64k.ARC]
6. Intronomicon/Sausages of Damned[4k.RPC]
7. jojo/Archiologics[demo.ARC]
8. Adept/Daydream Software[demo.ARC]
Misc Recent Releases 
1. CodePressor/Topix[tool.ARC]
2. Medit v1.00/Icebird[tool.RPC]
3. Worship/ARM'sTech[intro.RPC]
4. Nebenwelt/Icebird[4k.SA]
5. Escape/Kulture[4k.ARC]
6. Beer/ARM'sTech[intro.RPC]
7. Breed/Icebird[artdisk.SA]
8. Phonology/TXP[musicdisk.RPC]

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