What about this? Your free reference guide to electronics.

The Hardware Book is a compilation of pinouts I've found from different sources. I've tried to have the same style for all pages. This makes it easier to find information for you. I'm not trying to sell anything.

It has been developed on my sparetime and is made availble to you for free. This also means that I can't guarantee that the presented information is correct. Use it on you own risk. I can't take the whole credit for HwB. I have since the first release recieved a great lot of mails with suggestions, questions and information. With the help of many contributors HwB has grown. Keep sending me mails...

Could it be even better? Perhaps if You help me. Please send any material you have that might be of interrest for this project. Send it to

Visit the pages often. I will add things all the time. All new information will be marked NEW for about two weeks. And updated or changed information is marked .

I would like to thank the following people:

Niklas Edmundsson for helping me find some of the information in HwB and being a nice friend..
Karl Asha for letting me use his web-server to store HwB.
Tomas Ögren my brother, for comments and helping me with HwB.

This is what I feel like doing when nothing works :-)

(C) Joakim Ögren 1996