Group ManagerDISCUS Administration Instructions

The Group Manager allows the superuser to add, remove, and edit groups. The Group Manager is restricted to the superuser -- ordinary moderators cannot access the Group Manager. To access the Group Manager, click on "Group Manager" from the administration program main menu. A discussion of the role of groups in the administration capabilities of this software is described in the Overview of Administration.

Deleting groups

To delete a group, click on the delete icon ([Delete Icon]) next to the group you wish to delete. You may also use the check boxes in the "Mark" column to select the groups you wish to delete, and then click on the delete icon in the "(Marked)" row. You must click on "OK" to confirm the deletion of a group.

Editing groups

The superuser can add and remove moderators from existing groups. Deleting a moderator from a group does not remove the moderator account or remove the moderator from other groups. Only currently existing moderators can be added to groups. To edit a group, click on the edit icon ([Edit Icon]) next to the group you wish to edit.

Adding groups

To add a group, under "Add a Group" enter the new group's name into the "Group" text entry box. Then click on "Add this Group." Group names may be from 2-20 characters long and may contain alphanumeric characters. Note that the underscore (_) character is considered an alphanumeric character and is allowed in group names.

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