Version ManagerDISCUS Administration Instructions

The Version Manager allows the board administrator to keep up with the latest developments to the Discus program.

The "Information" section displays the version number of the scripts currently installed, the number of messages on the board, and a graphic representing the latest available version of Discus from the Discus web site. The graphic from the Discus web site tells the administrator whether or not an upgrade is recommended.

The "Download the Latest Version" section allows the administrator quick access to the Discus download site. If unix telnet or Windows console installation was used, you should download the source distribution and run the upgrade script as documented within the distribution. If the FTP setup was used, a Discus distribution to install by FTP is prepared and can be installed as documented on the page that is shown after clicking the link. Upgrading by telnet/console is easier than upgrading by FTP, so if you have telnet/console access, we recommend downloading the source distribution.

The "Discus Mailing List" sends out a message whenever a major upgrade to Discus is available. The Discus Mailing List averages one message sent every three months. The Discus Team will not distribute, sell, or otherwise abuse your e-mail address if you join the Discus Mailing List. Your privacy is important to us, and we will use the Discus Mailing List only to keep you informed of major upgrades to Discus.

If you have not purchased Discus Pro, a commercial add-on to the Discus program that offers many features of particular interest to large, commercial, or security-conscious boards, information about purchasing Discus Pro is also displayed within the Version Manager.

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